Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis is serving her 2nd term representing the city’s 9th Aldermanic District. Since taking office in 2016, she has continued her lifelong commitment to service through innovative collaboration, grassroots citizen engagement and tireless advocacy for her constituents.


Alderwoman Lewis’ life has been defined by a deep commitment to service for her community and country. Chantia brings unique qualifications and experiences as an elected official, business owner, military veteran and pastor at her local church congregation.


During her tenure as Alderwoman, she has facilitated historic economic development projects, passed key reforms that made city government more transparent and restored her constituents' confidence in the role public officials can play to make our communities safer and more prosperous.


Chantia Lewis is running for the US Senate because Wisconsin can do better than the economic policies that have failed our families, the divisive partisanship that prevents politicians from doing the people's business and nefarious attacks to undermine the legitimacy of our country's election system. As US Senator, she will protect our democracy, fight for our families, veterans and champion the values that make us proud to call Wisconsin home.